Mushrooms to Caviar: All The Best Local Food To Eat In Skåne, Sweden

When you think of rolling hills, lazy windmills, and pastoral settings, you might be trying to think happy thoughts in order to fall asleep. However, in Skåne, Sweden-the southernmost region of the country-that’s that last thing you want to do! If anything, you will have a hard time passing up spectacular sight after spectacular sight to stop and take a picture in front of during a scenic road trip. The second best thing to the beauty of the Skåne region was the food- and much of it was organic and sourced directly from forests, farms, and local markets. Here are the five best things I ate during my fibrous road trip: 


Camilla pointing out edible plants on the side of the road


Mushrooms, apples, and other forest finds

If I was ever lost in the forest, I think I might survive. (Ha!) If you ever wanted to experience living off the land, then you can forage in the forest and mix natural ingredients in a meal over an open fire. The Edible Country Lunch excursion in Skåne is run by Camilla, the owner of Robusta Äventyr (an outdoor experience company) and she stops on the side of the street, around bushes and trees during the hike in the forest to forage things from nature. What did we find? Edible plants, like dandelion and raspberry leaves, mushrooms, acorns, apples, bluebells, mantles, and wild blackberries. These were all mixed and fired up over an open fire to create a meal with salmon, veggies, and potatoes. 

Beef and potatoes over an open fire

Don’t be scared, but there is a beech forest in Skåne where you can sleep in a handmade, Mongolian wool hut equipped with wooden floors (and insulated by the thick fabric). The Nyrups Nature Hotel is an electricity-free adventure escape in the forest, and you are left to fend for yourself and cook your own meals over an open fire (since I am not a cook, it helps to have a partner with you that can figure out how to rummage for appropriate spices and add water to your stew when necessary). I ate the tasty beef stew with potatoes and veggies lit up by oil lamp with a million stars as supplemental light.


Red Bird Water Cycling local lunch


Light, local lunch on a lake 

Lake Sövde has a hidden treasure: bikes that you can ride on the lake! Before taking part in the fitness-based Red Bird Water Cycling excursion with the owner, Seamus McManus, he and his wife will serve a local lunch on a picnic bench beside the lake. I tried the local herring they purchased from a nearby fishing village, along with seaweed caviar, deviled eggs, and the tasty, Skåne local bread, skandki kavring.

Latin America in Sweden? 

A small bistro located next to the white, sand beach of Skanörs, Linda’s Fingermat is planted right on the harbor. The owner Linda, was inspired by South America and wanted to create “food you eat with your hands” with Latin American specialties made mainly from local produce in Skåne. The chicken sandwich with fries I ordered wasn’t necessarily Latin American cuisine, but it hit the spot.


Entrance to the organic farm


Fish and veggies on an organic farm

Ängavallen is a farm that has tons of livestock, including pigs, cows, and sheep, and they pride themselves on everything being 100% organic and grown on the farm. The owners source meat and produce from the farm for their eco-restaurant, where the cuisine is guaranteed organic, and provides a true, culinary adventure.

Published on February 14, 2020


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