From Mask Chafing to Glove Burns, How To Keep Our Skin Glowing During COVID-19

Dr. Adnan Nasir, MD


I’m missing sunlight; the wind on my face; and several other “freedoms” associated with being out of lock down. The largest organ of our bodies are being affected: the skin. It’s easy to fall off our healthy diets and skin rituals during quarantine, so to speak. In order to regain that beautiful skin “glow,” here are 7 tips from Adnan Nasir, MD of Wake Dermatology Associates:


1. Keep hands clean, but hydrated

There is a lot of hand washing during quarantine,” says Dr. Nasir. “Use a gentle soap, like Dove.  It keeps the hands from getting too cracked. If you are wearing gloves, consider Nitrile to avoid Latex allergy.”


2. Aveeno, folks.

“Emollients are good for all that hand washing; I suggest Aveeno Skin Relief,” says Dr. Nasir.


3. Keep your gloves on

“People are doing a lot of disinfecting, so it’s important to wear gloves when spraying and wiping down surfaces,” urges Dr. Nasir. “Otherwise, strong disinfectants can irritate the skin of the hands.”


4. Haircut protocol

“It’s hard to see a barber during quarantine,” says Dr. Nasir. “If you’re going to trim your own hair, be sure to use sharp scissors, good light, and a good mirror.  Your barber may also be the one to look at your scalp for moles and growths.  If you have someone at home to help, be sure they help you examine your scalp for growths.”


5. Hair dyes?

 “If you are coloring your hair or beard, use a PPD free dye,” says Dr. Nasir. “Also, be sure you set up your space with a tarp or drop cloth as most dyes are indelible and can stain your furniture and fixtures.”



6. Mask chafe: A new thing?

“If you’re wearing a mask, or face covering, it can irritate the skin, especially around the nose,” says Dr. Nasir. “Protect the skin of your face by avoiding masks with metal shaping wires in the fabric.”


7. Saline-it-up!

“Moisturize your face, and eyelids right after washing your hands,” encourages Dr. Nasir. “It will make you less likely to touch or rub your face or eyes. If you have dry eyes, consider saline drops right after washing your hands.”

Photos: CDC, TODAY

Published on May 17, 2020


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