How I Stay Healthy During The Coronavirus Pandemic: 5 Tips For New Runners

I’ve been running since my freshman year of high school: I started on my track and cross country teams at 14 years old, and did 3 years on junior, then varsity. I got “lazy” per say (LOL) my senior year and did not continue running in college, but I have always been a fan of running in the years following for exercise and mental health! One of my favorite things to do when traveling is to find the local running trails and explore new terrain in exciting places…one day we will be doing this again!

During quarantine, my love for running continues, providing an escape from the crazy shut-in lifestyle we are leading because of the pandemic. I consulted experts at BioLite, an outdoor gear company, to provide tips on how to start a running habit during these coronavirus times.

Here are 5 tips they recommend for new runners, some of which I will actually be trying myself!


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Here, I am getting a good run in around Brooklyn


#1 Start by run-walking

“If you are new to running, it is helpful to mix in walking sections on your runs,” advises team BioLite. “It will allow your body to get used to the feeling of running while taking short breaks to recover. Try intervals of 1-minute walking to 1-minute running, and build up the running minutes from there.”


#2 Lots of stretching and warming up

“Warming up the body before and after running is key – it can drastically change how you feel both during and between your runs,” says team BioLite. “It is helpful to get your legs moving a bit prior to jumping into the run with squats, hip circles, and calf raises. Then post-run holding longer leg and foot stretching positions helps with tightness and recovery.”


Switching things up with some city running


#3 Mix it up

“It is easy to fall into a specific route and duration routine,” warns team Biolite. “However, to notice incremental progress, try mixing it up by mixing in shorter, faster runs, sprint and hill work, and your baseline pace runs will help you achieve your running goals.”


#4 Learn some helpful distances to landmarks in your neighborhood – and don’t always rely on the tracker

“Some of the best runs can be when you let your mind wander without a tracker chiming in your ear,” says team Biolite. “Map some distances to runnable spots in your neighborhood (a noteworthy building, a bridge worth running, etc.) and you can start to build routes in your head that don’t require over-reliance on your apps. Strava and Map My Run both have good tools.”


Taking a rest as the sun rises


#5 Run Responsibly

“Try running in the morning, or later in the evening, to avoid crowded trailheads,” says team Biolite. “Make sure you are running solo, and if the trail seems crowded, make sure to bring a mask. Here are some CDC Guidelines to follow. Headlamps can be great items to bring along on runs to maintain higher levels of visibility. Also, consider proper reflective running gear to maintain visibility on crowded roadways or higher traffic areas.”

Photos: Kyle Lieberman

Here are some of my favorite gear for new runners; I look forward to seeing you on the trails! 

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                       Jabra Elite 85h Wireless-Noise Cancelling Headphones                               ASICS Women’s Circuit 8 Warm-up Shirt



Published on May 18, 2020


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