A Full Flight: Traveling From London To Cancun During Coronavirus

Ruta Ule, the owner of Playaakun Villa in Tulum


It was the second leg of my journey and the flight was full…


I run a luxury villa in Tulum, and I could not be away from my business any longer. Being abroad in my hometown of Vilinus, Lithuania meant that I had a long journey home. I initially caught a flight from Lithuania to London, and due to many flights being canceled, what would normally would be a 2.5 hour flight, was now two days of travel. I had to stop overnight in Frankfurt before continuing on my long and arduous journey to Cancun.


Ruta wearing protective gear during her Amsterdam to Cancun journey


My flight from London to Cancun was made more uncomfortable than normal due to the basic plane. However, KLM did a perfect job being the only airline in Europe going directly to Mexico from Amsterdam (my journey home to Tulum required me to fly: London- Amsterdam-Mexico City). My plane to Amsterdam was full, and my layover was around 4 hours.


Talk about full flights during coronavirus! Cringe!


KLM flight


The flight to Mexico City was also full, however this flight was different: economy class had three rows of three seats, and all the seats in the middle were empty to give a bit of space for the passengers.


One hot veggie meal on the KLM flight


Switching gears: does the pandemic mean that food service is not up to snuff for certain reasons?  The meals were not what you would expect: instead of three hot meals they gave me a bag with water, coke, and snacks. However, they did include one hot meal that included some vegetarian pasta. So, don’t expect much food from the airlines in these times, and just be happy that they do their main service – fly!


Finally after days of circumspect travel… I arrived in Mexico!


Traveling from Europe to Mexico


Please NOTE when you arrive to Mexico, the security of health here is the higher than in any of the European airports I have been. Before boarding the plane these days, be prepared with your signed health statements, so don’t lose it and have it ready. The process is: disembark; everyone gets their temperature checked; then you pass the emigration check and collect your bags. Bear in mind you can leave the airport but you will need to book hotel close by in advance online. Due to the virus, hotels don’t want people coming and queuing. One of the hotels in the Cancun airport is NH Collection.


Prepare yourself for having your temperature checked every time you enter from one building into another. Mexico City is huge and the airport is also enormous. I was pleasantly surprised that it was very well organized with staff, even though they say it is operating only half as normal, but everyone was super helpful!


Playaakun in Tulum


I finally made it home to Tulum and I am very happy to share my experience with everyone who is planning their next travel when safe. More planes are reverting back to normal, albeit with more strict health rules in place… So if you’re dreaming about a place on the beach to unwind and relax- welcome to our villa in Tulum: Playääkun, I will be waiting for you here!


Words and Photos: Ruta @playaakun.tulum


Published on May 21, 2020


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