I Used My $1,200 Stimulus Check To Fly To South Korea…Now I’m In A Quarantine Facility



This year started out with a bang: I finished my feature film; screened it at Sony; and everything was going well until corona happened. The whole world went into suspension.


While the world remains unstable, I learned from my Korean girlfriend that her country never went into a lock down. Not even for a single day. This was so fascinating for me that I used my $1,200 stimulus check and decided to fly over to South Korea and document what’s happening there.


Flight to Korea


Flying was unusual as there were only about 30 people onboard on a plane that fits 300. Every seat was like a first-class seat with plenty of room. You could eat as much as you wanted.


Going there, I was aware of the strict containment facilities that are mandatory to all who come, especially for foreigners (Korea has a mandatory 2-week quarantine for everyone coming into the country. After 2 weeks we are free to go out and do whatever we want). When we arrived at customs in Korea, my girlfriend and I tried to get ourselves in a quarantine together. However, that was not possible. I was sent to a place about a 40 minute car ride from Seoul. My girlfriend, being a Korean citizen, was allowed to quarantine herself from home. I was put in a facility where I have to stay for two weeks at a cost of $100 per day, which I had to pay in advance. The rules in quarantine are very strict and are enforced by the Korean army.



Before entering the quarantine, I had to download two applications: one was for the containment facility the other for the Korean government. Every day at 9am and at 5pm I have to measure my body temperature and fill out a questionnaire and submit it in the app. The usual questions were: “Do you have a headache, do I feel weak, do I cough, sore throat etc,?”…Besides, I did my first coronavirus test in quarantine, and tested negative.


Each day I am given three meals: 7:30 – 12:30 and 6pm. They put the meal in a plastic bag and place it in front of my door. A knock on the door is letting me know the meal is here. I’m given a hazard bag where I dispose of wastes like plastic, water bottles and leftover food. I tie up and place this hazard bag right in front of my door. It is strictly forbidden to leave the room.


Me and my girlfriend en route to Korea


At first, I was shaken since I have to spend two weeks in a super small confined space: a very, very small space. I convinced myself that this is a great opportunity to explore, from a deeper perspective, what makes this country so organized and immune to chaos. There was never a lockdown in a sense that gyms, restaurants, bars, and other public spaces were never closed!


This is my 6th day in quarantine and so far I’m surviving. I don’t want to give away too much details because every three days I’m posting videos on YouTube.


Check out my first video; please sub&like for more 🙂

Words, Photos, and Video: Attila Korosi, Filmmaker/Adventurist/Samurai

Published on May 25, 2020


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