This Granny Pad Went From Backyard Garage to Tiny House

This tiny house renovation project began when Seattle-based designer and contractor Hartman Kable was searching for a place for an aging family member to live in his neighborhood of Maple Leaf. Because of a shortage of affordable housing in Seattle, moving to a larger house in the city was not an option. So Seattle-based Best Practice Architecture converted what was once a backyard garage into a 571-square-foot tiny house.

The tiny house, lit through a range of skylights from the slanted ceilings, is comprised of a living, dining, and kitchen area, a bedroom, and a spacious bathroom. The lofted space above the bathroom, which is accessed by a ladder, will be used as storage for the time being, but it could easily be transformed into an office or sleeping loft, according to the Best Practice team. They also considered future uses of the space as a possible rental unit, studio, office, or other income-generating project for the family. The low-maintenance dwelling is a great example of how to create necessary space.

The Granny Pad offers an insight into possible solutions to the housing affordability crisis and an option for multigenerational living as people vie to keep family in one place, with the added luxury of privacy and space. It’s also an opportunity for architects and dreamers to come up with unique designs.

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Published on June 14, 2020


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