7 Fun Ways To Social Distance This Summer

With no end in sight of the COVID-19 crisis, finding creative ways to get out, have fun, and take responsible trips are becoming more important. “Now more than ever, we all need to take some time away,” says the team at Encore Resort at Reunion, located in Orlando, Florida.

What are some of your summer goals and travel plans during the pandemic? Haven’t thought that far? No worries: Here are the Florida resort’s 7 tips on having a socially distanced vacation this summer; tips that you can use both on resort property and off!


Aerial view of a road during a road trip


#1 Take a road trip

Air travel is a little risky at this time, so what better way to get away than a fun road trip with the family?… Stop along the way, take photos and remember the journey together!


#2 Social distance inside a private vacation home

A private resort community near Walt Disney World, Encore Resort at Reunion elevates the vacation rental experience by bridging the gap between hotel and private homes. Accommodations are complimented by guest-oriented services and a vast range of amenities for the entire family. Featuring a variety of 4- to 13-bedroom homes, guests enjoy the affordability of a vacation rental, plus all the added perks you would expect from a luxury resort.


Chill outside of an 8-bedroom accommodation


#3 Private pool and backyard space 

Enjoy the privacy of having the home all to yourself, including your own private pool and backyard. Social distance as you splash around, get some sun and enjoy a cocktail with your family in the privacy of your own area.


#4 Kid’s Activities

From games and crafts, don’t forget to check out resorts that do social distancing safely. Having a large screen TV can allow kids to watch shows safely apart from one another.


#5 Private chef experiences and cooking classes 

Not ready to head into a restaurant? Instead, welcome the resort’s skilled chefs into your vacation home and watch as they prepare a delicious, multi-course meal right in front of your eyes. Chefs are accompanied by trained servers who handle everything from the set-up to the serving and clean up. Sit back and enjoy as the team takes care of it all! All staff are trained to social distance, wearing masks and gloves, ensuring a safe experience.


Getting a run in for exercise


#6 Outdoor Fitness 

Get outside and be active! For example, Encore Resort at Reunion has beautiful walking trails throughout the community; two tennis courts, two basketball courts, three volleyball courts, and a full soccer field: great activities while social distancing.


#7 Water Park fun

Don’t forget water parks! For example, there is a park at Encore that spans 10 acres and has something for everyone. Thrill-seekers will enjoy three epic water rides — WaveRacer, Stormchaser, and Tsunami — that plummet off a 60-foot tower. Surfing Safari Kids’ Splash Area is great for younger guests. There’s also a huge swimming pool with covered cabanas so your party can social distance in their own area.

Published on June 19, 2020


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