These Are The Top 10 RV Travel Destinations for July 4th

If you browse some of the most popular travel websites and blogs right now, you’ll see a ton of content and headlines having to do with RV travel. It makes sense with COVID-19 limiting international and even many domestic travel options…


If you are interested in hitting the asphalt during a road trip this summer and losing your RV virginity (LOL) here is everything you need to know about RV travel:


Outdoorsy, an online RV rental marketplace, saw more than 2.5 million visitors to its website in the month of May (a growth of 101% from last year), with 88% of May bookings made by first-time renters! The RV portal’s daily bookings are up by more than 2,600% since late March, so if you were wondering what travel businesses are surviving (and even thriving right now), have you been reading?!


For newbie RV’ers knowing which RV’s are right for you is essential. The most popular vehicles being rented right now on Outdoorsy include:

Travel trailer


#1 Trailer: 41% of bookings

Trailers are used for all types of towing vehicles, including SUVs and pickups. Trailers mainly mean an Airstream or other trailer that is an ideal rental for a small family or a couple travel.


Canada Farm Class C Motorhome

#2 Class C RV’s: 32% of bookings

Comparable to driving a truck, Class C RV’s are popular with small families and first-time RV drivers who want a little more room than a van. The majority come furnished with a bathroom, showers and full kitchen.




#3 Campervans: 11% of bookings

Usually fitting up to 1 to 3 people, campervans are the smallest and nimblest of fully enclosed RVs and a popular fixture in #vanlife IG photos.


Okay, now on to the most popular RV destinations for the July 4th weekend, according to Outdoorsy:


No. 1: Las Vegas, Nevada

No. 2: Seattle, Washington

No. 3: Denver, Colorado

No. 4: Salt Lake City, Utah

No. 5: Portland, Oregon

No. 6: Midland, Michigan

No. 7: Golden, Colorado

No. 8: Bridgeport, California

No. 9: San Marcos, California

No. 10: Sacramento, California


See you soon on the open road!

Published on June 24, 2020


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